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Originally Posted by DBear View Post
Umbridge is simply a power-hungry hag that was willing to do anything to get ahead in the MoM. If that meant sending dementors after Harry to discredit him, so be it.
That's where the problem comes in for me though, we've already seen in Prisoner of Azkaban that the dementors are prepared to perform the kiss on Harry so in sending them after Harry, Umbridge's actions are nothing short of murderous. This isn't mere discrediting, the Prophet had been doing a good job of that for months, this was much more extreme and much more vicious.

I doubt that even Fudge for all his desperation to retain office would have willingly risked Harry's very soul in such a manner.

She's a psychopathic nut case, pretty much the ministry's version of Bellatrix and because of that I can't see how Fudge or Scrimgeour, who at least seems to be smarter than Fudge, keeps her around.

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