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Re: What did Umbridge have against Harry in the first place???

I think that when dumbledore turned down the job of minister of magic that many in the organization felt spurned and the misistry/dumbledore relationship follows a similar arc to malfoy/harry. Dumbledore is a very powerful wizard with many loyal followers after he declines to lead the MOM nor be their lackey then dd has to be marginalized. I think Lucious Malfoy seizes this opportunity and with sacks of galleons as fertilizer keeps the seeds of discontent with dumbledore well fed within the ministry.

The dementors kiss does not kill it just turns the recipient into a soulless shell, someone the ministry can trot out and say do you believe this ______ or do you believe us. I think that when we first see delores jane umbridge that she is peeved at harry because he thwarted her great plan. DJU is pretty resourceful for plan b to be the reasonable restrictions of underage use of magic laws. So while she is vile and not so great with teenagers don't underestimate her power within a gov't beaurocracy.

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Sounds ominously like religious zealotry.
I don't think JKRs choice of title for Umbridge as High Inquisitor is without thought; as in spanish inquistition. It also makes one think of Joeseph Mcarthy and the stan shunpikes he went after. If you haven't seen good night and good luck i recommend it.

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