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Re: Mac or PC

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
I fail to see how anyone finds a real difference. Having used them both the process is the same: click your app and bash away at the keyboard until done.
*shrug* Meh, it all comes down to how much you use the computer and how technical you are. Since I use the computer A LOT, and not just for CoS, I get used to using certain shortcuts and applications and having certain settings and behaviors turned on/off.

On the level you're describing, there really is no difference -- use the internet, word, etc. It's fairly universal

But I'm really technical, so on the level I'm describing, it makes all the difference in the world...

I've used a PC exclusively for almost 9 years of my life, but now I have a MacBook and I it. Never switching back if I have the choice...


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