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Re: Mac or PC

For my 18th birthday, my parents have said they will replace my Dell PC with a Mac so when I go away to uni I'll have a sparkly new laptop for the whole time. I want one mainly because there are so many more creative options than on PCs ie music, film and pictures. The thing is that I will be studying for a politics degree so those are not necessary and as with most unis, the one I am hoping to study at has all PCs on campus. I have a few questions therefore regarding the practicality of having a Mac:

-Assuming I get Microsoft Office for a Mac, will the files be transferrable to a PC (ie. will I be able to write an essay on Word, put it on a USB stick and then open it on a PC and do more work on it, and vice versa)?

-I listen to all my music on Windows Media Player. Can you get this for Macs so I can just transfer all my music from my PC to my Mac? ( don't have an ipod either - Sony Walkman)

-I also use Spotify to listen to music - does this work on Macs?

-I've heard stories about certain websites (Ican't remember any particular ones) not working with Macs, or shopping sites not processing payments etc properly. Is there any truth in this?

-Will my home's wireless internet still work with a Mac (the rest of the house have PCs)?

-I've heard they never crash - true?

-Are they, in your opinion, good value for money?

-Any suggestions as to which one to get? (I want a laptop one, for uni...)

Thanks in advance for any answers you might be able to give. I'm sure I'll come up with some more questions, but I can't think of any at the moment!

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