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Re: The Deathly Hallows Movie(s): News (with Spoilers) v.5

Now I'm getting worried about the torture scene too. I think the "mudblood" branding part will definitely be off-screen, but we should see at least glimpses of the "crucio" part. There are equally violent sequences in many other PG-13 films and I don't see why WB need to cut it down from the test-screening.

Originally Posted by decarus View Post
I certainly agree that in the book Malfoy manor and Godric's hollow were the must intense scenes. We know that Godric's hollow has been changed, but i am hoping that Malfoy manor still has that intensity.

Though i am also looking forward to the silver doe/ball of light scene.
What change? If you're talking about Bathilda morphing into snake, I think that comes from an unknown IMDB/HPF poster, whom I don't trust at all.

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