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Re: Why did JKR feel it was necessary for us to know the Prime Minister of Britain?

Right on point....

(From TotallyObsessed) IMO, Jo wouldn't start the second to last book with a chapter that only served the purpose of catching us up in a new way. That would be too random, and as we know Jo is not random about what she includes. Yes, she uses red herrings, but not an entire chapter that is just fluff, especially to start the book!
Another telling point about this chapter is that it is one of the very, very, few where Harry is not in the scene, either by seeing it personally, or through a dream or vision. The only other one where Harry is not involved in the scene in at least a peripheral way is the very next chapter, Spinner's End. (I don't think I am missing any other chapters in any of the other books, except for the very opening of PS/SS, and Harry is dropped off at the Dursley's, but of course that had to happen to introduce us to the series)

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