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Re: Why did JKR feel it was necessary for us to know the Prime Minister of Britain?

Originally Posted by rigdoctorbri View Post
This has been nagging at me like a piece of steak caught between my teeth. I just keep digging at it, but just can't dig it out.

Why did JKR feel that we needed to be introduced to "The Other Minister"?

We already knew that some things of the Wizarding World, especially in times of turmoil, spill over to the Muggle World. But JKR devoted an entire chapter to introducing us to the leader of Muggle Britain, but after that, she has nothing to say about it.

If it was merely to introduce us to Scrimgeour, she could have done that another way, without introducing the Muggle World.
Well, it gave us information about what's been going on from the Ministry point of view as far as changes, and we learned a bit of what's been going on both in the wizard & muggle worlds because of Voldemort's return -- dementors leaving Azkaban & breeding, murders, giants destroying parts of the muggle world, etc.

And you have to admit it was a much more interesting way to give us the information. I thought it was very entertaining.

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