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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

Originally Posted by dchristen03 View Post
I was wondering, where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

We've seen 6 of the HP films so far. Where does HBP rank?
Well, I've only seen HBP once so far but I thought it was the best yet...edging out my longtime fav of PS/SS.

I'll have to see if it can stand up to repeat viewings though I've watched the first film at least 50 times

Anyways, as of now this is how I rank them:

1. HBP- (9.5/10)
2. PS/SS- (9.3/10)
3. PoA- (9/10)
4. CoS- (8.5/10)
5. OotP- (7.5/10)
6. GoF- (6.9/10)


I've been wrongly sorted into Gryffindor!

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