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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

My rankings:

1. HBP
2. PoA
3. OotP
4. SS
5. GoF
6. CoS

HBP is my favorite because I truly felt the magic of the wizarding world in this one. They were all acting like normal teenagers but the magic really came out. The acting was the best its ever been and they've all really and truly emobodied their characters. Everything flowed really well, i just wish they would have added more about the Half-Blood Prince. The humor was a nice change.

PoA was beautiful and it's direction was amazing. It was new and different and a more accurate and magical view on the wizarding world, in my opinion. It was quirky and nicely crafted. There isn't anything I would change about it, or add if I could.

OotP was handled very well. Something were a bit confusing I think. I would have liked more of an explanation about the prophecy and made the DoM battle twice as long, but everything else was really good. I really loved how they handled the ministry's new attitude.

SS - There isn't too much substance, but I simply enjoy watching the trio and what it's like to go to a magical school. I wish the sets could have been a bit more creative and magical. I pictured Hogwarts to be other worldy and this didn't really capture that.

GoF - I can hardly stand watching this movie. I feel like the completely lost the magic of Harry's world when adapting this one. I didn't like how they handled the three tasks. The maze should have had more obstacles and the dragon scene shouldn't have been as drawn out. They also should have developed the stories of the other champions a bit more. I feel like it isn't balanced evenly and the pacing was off.

CoS - I really don't like this film. It uses the same formula that SS did and it just doesn't work for this story. I just find myself extremely bored while watching it.


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