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Originally Posted by Doggy
It's possible That Voldemort believes that Snape is a double agent, yes but I would think he's a bit more suspicious than that.

Also, if (I said if) Snape spies by using polyjuice to impersonate for example Crouch Jr., he'd have been in that room anyway, so that isn't exactly clear proof. Besides; I don't think Snape knew about the dream being "real" so to speak; only he guessed correctly that Harry hadn't been practising occlumency enough. It's a Snape thing, trying to pin Harry down.

"Well you obviously need to practise more.."
I definitely think Snape is spying on Voldemort's movement as a whole (maybe through some of the Death Eaters), but not necessarily spying on Voldemort directly. Whatever his plan, I believe he is using his Occlumency/Legilimency skills to spy. Like someone said earlier in the thread, the polyjuice potion only lasts for an hour at a time. There's just too much chance of being caught like that. I also believe that Voldemort knows that Dumbledore told the Wizengamot about Snape's spying for him. Voldemort is not the type to trust an underling, even if there has been no overt act of betrayal (as there has been in Snape's case); he's not likely to give Snape a second chance, so I don't think Snape has been able to get physically close to Voldemort. Whatever he knows has been picked from other people's minds.

I agree with you that Snape's question to Harry about the man and the room was a guess and not based on any first-hand knowledge.

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