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Originally Posted by Alcina
I don't believe the Polyjuice theory for two reasons.

1) The Dark Lord said on the night of his rebirth that he was going to kill the DE who had left forever (and I'm sure he meant Snape). But a year later Snape's still alive. This leads me to suppose that something has happened since to convince the Dark Lord that Snape is in fact faithful.

2) The necessity to take the potion and wait for it to finish working (which seems to take a minute or so, to judge by CoS) would mean that he'd turn up late every time the DEs were summoned. After a while I think this would be noticed and the reason speculated upon.
I don't believe the Polyjuice theory either, and I agree completely with your second point. On thing about the first point, though: it may be that killing Snape (and I also thought he was the DE that Voldemort meant to kill) has been moved slightly down Voldemort's priority list. I think Voldemort may have been side-tracked by the Prophecy.

I'm thinking about that scene in Dumbledore's office after the tragic visit to the MoM. DD told Harry, "And so, since his (Voldemort's) return to his body, and particularly since your extraordinary escape from him last year, he has been determined to hear that prophecy in it's entirety." Voldemort's speech to the Death Eaters, in which he promised to kill one of those who was absent, happened before Harry got away. I suspect that maybe he decided hearing the Prophecy took priority over vengeance. With the Prophecy out of reach now, I think Snape should start looking over his shoulder.

I do see the flaw in this scenario, though. What's to stop LV from having one or more of his Death Eaters kill Snape while LV concentrates on the Prophecy, and why has he apparently not done so? I don't beleive for a minute that he would accept Snape's declaration of loyalty, but I don't know why he hasn't made any overt move against Snape either.

Originally Posted by Merrymime
Okay, maybe I'm just stupid and don't remember something critical in the books, but are we absolutely, positively sure without a doubt that Snape is spying?

Is there some quote in the book that says Snape is actually spying or are we just presuming that, because he used to be a death eater?

I thought he was just sent away in the end of GOF to do something that he knows, but we don't.

Chapter 26 - Seen and Unforseen, Page 591 (American)

"That is just as well, Potter," said Snape coldly, "because you are neither special nor important, and it is not up to you to find out what the Dark Lord is saying to this Death Eaters."

"No - that's your job, isn't it?" Harry shot at him.

He had not meant to say it; it had burst out of him in temper. For a long moment they stared at each other, Harry convinced he had gone too far. But there was a curious, almost satisfied expression on Snape's face when he answered.

"Yes, Potter," he said, his eyes glinting. "That is my job. Now, if you are ready, we will start again..."

I think that's where most people get the idea that he's spying. I'm not sure this is the whole story, though. I do think Snape is using his Occlumency/Legilimency skills to spy on Voldemort's organization, but there is probably more to it than that. Slightly OT, but I think this is part of the reason LV was so resentful of Harry in this book. Snape may be "spying" on a DE for information, but that won't be quite as good as Harry being able to "spy" on Voldemort directly. Once again, Snape is bested by a Potter and he doesn't like it at all.

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