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Hi all. I was following the now-closed "Snape and Voldemort - what they know..." thread and I wanted to mention something on a comment I made.

The whole thread over there was about the conversation between Snape and Quirrell in the 1st book about not getting on Snape's bad side, deciding your loyalties, etc. and whether or not Voldemort, being on the back of Quirrell's head, now realized that Snape was truely working for the Good Guys.

Well, the idea had come into my head that perhaps Voldemort was out in the forest, chasing unicorns, when Quirrell and Snape had their chat, and therefore, Voldemort wasn't actually present and didn't hear what Snape said. And in regards to Voldemort's attachment to Quirrell, on page 291, US paperback, it says: "He is with me wherever I go," (said Quirrell quietly).

I thought this could imply that while Voldemort was always with Quirrell, Quirrell didn't always have Voldemort (a bodiless Voldemort could have been wandering around while Quirrell slept, for instance).

However, I have found evidence to dispell my theory (at least in part). Chapter 17 (The Man With Two Faces), on page 293 (US paperback) has Voldemort saying to Harry, "you saw faithful Quirrell drinking it (unicorn blood) for me in the forest." So it was Quirrell in the forest, and not Voldemort out without Quirrell.

So I'll just go with agreeing with other posters over there (MonicaG, Magi) that Snape is just a double agent and both DD and Voldy think he's spying for their side. Of course, only one can be right.

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