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Re: Clues From JKR's Favorite Books

I just finished reading 'The Little White Horse' one of the books mentioned as one of Jo's favourite childhood books.

There were several similarities to Harry Potter with the main character of the book Maria Merryweather. Both are orphans, and both are locked in a struggle between good and evil and are the subject of a prophecy that makes them the 'chosen one'. Maria is the person who fulfils the prophecy by making the evil men of the dark woods good again, she does this not through fighting or anger but by love and peace.
The book also features a number of magical creatures such as unicorns, lions you can ride, dwarfs, fairies and is full of mystery. A great read.
One thing I found interesting is the book also did an epilogue of what happened to all the characters after stories end, they all got married and lived a long time and then died so possibly she will do a similar thing at the end of book 7.

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