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Re: Clues From JKR's Favorite Books

In retrospect, I may have been a little fanciful in perceiving a Hamlet connection (It's Snape, not Harry who's a melancholic in a suit of sables)! Every time I read the graveyard scene in GoF, though, the priori incantatem bit reminds me of the "Despair and Die" scene in Richard III.

JKR does seem to like the 'foil' technique though, which is also in Hamlet. Hamlet has a big three-way foil with Hamlet/Fortinbras/Laertes. And HP has one with Draco/Harry, and IMHO one with Arthur/Lucius.
Yes! the whole Riddle/Harry/Snape half-blood unfortunate parallel reminds me a lot of the Hamlet/Fortinbras/Laertes/Pyrrhus parallels.

Originally posted by SusanBones111
I have been thinking a lot about the parallels between Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights and Snape. Someone in another thread asked the question of why would JK Rowling have written a book with one of the main characters turning out to be such a nasty guy. Heathcliff is a nasty guy who really doesn't seem to get a whole lot nicer. I don't like Heathcliff. He doesn't treat people very well. He has a lot of disdain for Hareton, who's father belittled and maltreated Heathcliff. It is similiar to Snape mistreating Harry because James mistreated Snape.
Interesting. I'll have to think some more about this - I haven't read WH since I was 16 and studying it for 'O' level. Oddly enough, WH and Mockingbird were the two set novels for my 'O' level English Lit (or maybe it's not so odd - JKR must have done her 'O' level English Lit a year or two before me, so they were possibly her set texts, too!)

Off the top of my head, though - dark, vengeful, brooding, bullied as a child but immensely powerful as an adult and uses his power to torment others, particularly children in his care, obsessively in love with a woman married to another, with the love continuing many years after her death....cough...Heathcliff like Snape? Surely not!

However, Heathcliff is famously one of the biggest sex symbols of the literary canon. As JKR has professed shock and dismay that so many readers apparently find Snape sexy, could she have consciously modelled him on a 19th century literary poster boy?

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