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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series?

Yes, Totoro is awesome too.

But the point is, I think lots of people are thinking that HP in anime will be "asian-ized" and wouldn't seem right as the series is set in England etc.

Miyazaki, for example, had lots of his anime based in European settings and used proper actors to do the voices (some notable ones at that). And for his animations, while they stuck to the 'manga' style of drawing, the overall feeling of his animations were clearly heavily influenced by his experience and love for Europe. What I'm getting at here, is that you can adapt a traditional manga style animation to make it more fitting for the story.

However, with HP, you would want to go a step further.

Nothing in the vein of "Sailor moon", 'Akira', 'Astro Boy', etc (goodness no!)

Something like a moving picture book.

More like cartoons for adults to enjoy too.
You would have (for example) the artist who does the English book covers for HP series to draw up the animation/cartoon.

You could make it based VERY VERY closely on the books, as there would be no time boundaries for the animation like the movies, (2 hours per book) because they would be broken up into series.
(The movies omit so much of the novels, that unless you've read the books, then the movies can seem a bit 'cut and paste'-kind of like OoTP did.)

I know so many people who like Harry, but aren't such fans of reading.
And that's ok. I just wished for them, that they get to experience ALL of the books in the series, like the rest of us lucky people are, -whose eyes don't tire after reading for hours at end.
They get to miss all the little bits that aren't so important to be included in the movies, but all add to the depth, detail, appeal, and entertainment of the books.

I mean, just like BBC did with Pride and Prejudice, the book itself can be for some, really hard to read, but because the series made was very closely following the book, those who saw the series could talk about the book to those who have read the book and there would be little, if any gap in the difference of knowledge of characters, minor plots etc.

So, really, is an animation of HP that detesting?

It doesn't have to be strictly manga style.
It could just have an english cartoon style (more sophisticated using the latest technology of course), using English actors to do the voices and broken up into 1-4 chapters per episode (depending on the length and depth of the chapter) etc etc.

It could satisfy those who missed seeing certain parts omitted in the movies that were in the book, make it visually appalling to those who don't respond well to reading, and add another way of sharing a wonderful story to those who have not yet discovered HP series...

It can't all be that serious...

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