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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Rell View Post
Bellatrix seemed to like doing what was expected of her. Marrying a pure blood was expected, and becoming a Death Eater would give her that same structure - having set expectations. She totally set her identity around Voldemort, and couldn't handle his absence and that lack of expectation after he was gone. I think that on some subconscious level, Bellatrix actually wanted to go to Azkaban, because then her very existence would always be fulfilling this expectation of Voldemort no matter if he did or didn't come back.
Agreed - I hadn't made the connection that Bella may have wanted to go to Azkaban on one level because it'd prove her devotion. Snape even sort of called her out on this in Spinner's End. I'm sure she didn't enjoy it, but she knew her devotion would be rewarded. She said so to Crouch prior to entering Azkaban, and she said so to Snape after leaving. I guess her way of dealing with Azkaban was her steadfast belief that Voldy would come back.

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