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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

1. Bellatrix is often seen as the most fanatical of Voldemort's supporters. Why do you think it is that she has devoted her life and efforts so wholly to Voldemort? What influences in her family and life could have led to her becoming one of the most feared Death Eaters? Could she have any romantic feelings for Voldemort?
Maybe she just wanted to prove herself either because she's a woman (there is another female death eater by the way, Alecto Carrow) or she was obessed with pureblood supremacy. And she did come from the Black family.
Jo recently said in a interview that her true love was Voldemort, not Rodophus(sp?).

2. What do you suppose leads Bellatrix to distrust Snape so, as seen in the HBP chapter 'Spinner's End'? Does this cast any doubts upon her complete trust in Voldemort? Does it speak of any prior relationship with Snape?
She could have known about his friendship with Lily at school.
I think she very much trusted Voldemort but maybe on this one thing she doubted him or maybe she was jealous of the trust Voldemort had for Snape.

3. What kind of relationship do you think that Bellatrix had with her cousin, Sirius, for her to so easily battle against, and ultimately have a hand in killing him?
Bellatrix was most likely in Slytherin and we know that Sirius was in Gryffindor and later joined the order so thats probaly why she hated him.

4. Bellatrix is said to have been at school and joined forces with several other Death Eaters prior to Harry's parents being at Hogwarts. What factors do you see as contributing to the turning of Bellatrix and her peers to Voldemort, and how could they have gotten away with this in the middle of Hogwarts?
Voldemort was just starting to rise to power right before Harry's parents came to Hogwarts so Bellatrix could have been in her sixth or seventh year. Maybe he visited all the dark pureblood families and Bellatrix joined up that way.

5. Bellatrix seems to have a fondness for the Cruciatus curse. What do you think that this says about her personality and history?
She enjoyed causing pain, especially to muggleborns. Not only that but she came from a fanatical pureblood that hated anyone who wasn't like them.

6. What do you think of her hatred of Tonks for marrying a werewolf?
Like I said above she hated anyone who wasn't pureblood. And she could easily have hated Tonks for being Andromeda's daughter.

7. Do you think Belltrix could have been redeemed?
No, she was to obessed with pureblood supremacy...

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