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Anyone played this game on the 360 or the PC? I know I have and it's as disturbing in it's story as it is amazingin its gameplay and content. Bioshock is an FPS-RPG, where you play a man who is involved in a plane crash in the Atlantic in 1960 and you find your way to a lighthouse, which acts as a conduit to a massive underwater city called Rapture, where everything is different...

Here's a brief about the story, from wikipedia:

The game takes place during 1960 in Rapture, a fictional underwater city secretly built in 1946 on the mid-Atlantic seabed, entirely self-sufficient and powered by submarine volcanoes. Constructed by business magnate Andrew Ryan, Rapture was envisioned as the only place on Earth that could support individualism, and populated by those Ryan believed exemplified the best in humanity. During the early 1950s, this population peaked at several thousand, though ranks of elite emerged from the rest, discomforting many.

The discovery of "ADAM," stem cells created from a species of sea slug, by Dr. Bridgette Tennenbaum further upset the social balance. ADAM's prevalence greatly accelerated genetic engineering research, creating a plasmid industry that sold everything from a cure for male pattern baldness to abilities like telekinesis, with active types like the latter requiring a serum, "EVE." In order to improve ADAM yields, the "Little Sisters" were created, young girls with the slug embedded in their bodies. Although initially just ADAM "factories," during the war (see below) they were repurposed via mental conditioning to extract ADAM from the dead, and process it within themselves. The "Big Daddies," armed and highly-enhanced humans in diving suits, were simultaneously created to defend the Little Sisters as they worked.

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