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Re: A History of Magic: The Harry Potter Era PART II

***Sorry for the brief delay - I had to travel for business, my kids' football seasons started and YES, I finally got into Pottermore...anyway, as a way to say I'm sorry, here's a longer chapter...with lots of action!!! Enjoy!***

Chapter 16 – Blitzkrieg at the Burrow

Everything was an illusion. The woman spread her arms out and felt the cool currents of the winter sky drift through the tattered strips of black silk which covered her petite figure. Her skin was pale and her jet black hair an even wilder tangle in the winter air. It wasn’t real, she thought to herself. She knew what reality was. She knew she wasn’t the person everyone saw. True, she felt real enough. She felt the crushing wave of hatred and the uncontrolled delight in mayhem that she knew she was supposed to feel. The living construct of the creature inside her chest made sure that those emotions and her actions were identical to those felt by the original, but her intellect, ungoverned by the emotion, realized that she was not who she claimed to be.

She glanced behind her and saw two figures standing atop a large flying carpet. Molinero and Burwitz stood as if in a room, heedless of being thousands of feet in the air with nothing more than an inch of fine Persian rug beneath their feet. Despite her rage, a trace of cold fear rippled through the woman. That her master, her lord, Voldemort was nothing more than a pawn and a minion of Burwitz’ father was a fact that both enraged and frightened her. Again, a pang of rational thought passed through her chest. She was not real. She was a construct, nothing more than the memory of a woman who’d died three decades ago. Yet she felt alive, because her anger was still there, hot in the cold air, the need to exact retribution on those that had stolen her rightful place at her master’s side from her burning like the coals of an uncontrolled forest fire.

She looked down and saw two lines of wizards and witches rapidly approaching the ramshackle collection of buildings standing in an open field. The first line were clad in black, the zombie wizards brought to life by Molinero that served as their shock troops. Closely behind were the purple clad wizards of Himmler’s Praetorians, the cold steel of their attack. Alongside her were the red-garbed aswang clones of the remaining death eaters. Their numbers, even with their second chance, had been whittled down, testimony to how much more dangerous the enemies of the Dark Lord had become. She gripped her wand tightly and a look of menace crossed the delicate features of her pale face. She was a copy, a fake and yet now, Bellatrix Lestrange would have her revenge. They weren’t here to capture or terrorize. Her mission was plain. They were here to kill. It would be death to Harry Potter and all the rest who’d led the fight against Lord Voldemort. Real or not, the feeling of exhilaration cascading through her body was enough to make irrelevant. Bellatrix Lestrange would be the instrument of destruction. Her wild cackle echoed through the air as she raised her wand and sent a curse flying towards the Burrow below.

The first touch of her lips to his told him he’d made the right choice. Teddy held Victoire’s face in his hands and returned her kiss with the passion of one who’d seen the abyss and found heaven in the arms of the woman he loved. They were sitting underneath the ancient oak tree, atop the stone wall that lined the Burrows proper. It was the spot Harry had told him about, the place where Harry and Ginny as well as Ron and Hermione found solace in the affirmation of their love for each other. Teddy and Victoire had slipped away from the party after the announcement of their engagement and were holding each other under the twinkling of the stars in the winter night. They held each other close, each drawing from the other, warmth from the love they shared. As their lips met, Teddy felt rather than saw something off in the distance towards the house. He jerked his head back and saw a streak of red light strike the top of the house.

Teddy didn’t think, but more reacted to the explosion. He stood and gripped Victoire’s hand in his own while his wand hand snapped outward, flexing the holster on his arm causing his wand to appear in his hand.

“Teddy, what’s happening?” There was fear in Victoire’s voice, but Teddy saw her eyes were solid, confident in him, but not necessarily terrified of the unknown.

“Shhh…” Teddy responded quietly, his gaze drawn to the rustle of sound on the outside of the wall. The tall grass in the field began to sway, opposite the direction of the wind.

“Down!” Teddy pushed Victoire to the cold ground, landing on top of her back, shielding her body with his own as a violently bright green light struck the oak behind them. A large, menacing figure in black leapt over the wall. Teddy rolled off of Victoire and leapt to his feet. There was no time to conjure a spell, so Teddy grabbed the newcomer’s outstretched arm and jabbed forward with his fist, driving into the attacker’s elbow. There was an audible crack as bone broke. Teddy didn’t hesitate. Continuing the momentum of his drive, he brought his knee up into the assailant’s midriff and snapped roundhouse kick into his face, driving the man backward over the wall with a thud. Teddy saw more figures, both in the field and in the sky, descending down on the Burrow. He reached down and helped Victoire to her feet.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” He started running towards the house as curses hissed and snapped nearby, from dozens of sources. Teddy turned and was pleased to see Victoire with her wand already in her hand, already responding in kind, then his face turned into a scowl. His arm raised up and directed a curse out towards another man who appeared over the wall.

“It’s too far. We’re not going to make it.” He concentrated and then cursed out loud. “They’ve got a counter apparition charm up.” Teddy thought for a moment and the made a choice. He shoved his wand back into his holster and concentrated.

Ever since he’d recovered his sense of self, he was afraid of this moment, a time when he would have to use his ability to transform. The barest flicker of temptation coursed through his mind. It would be so easy to change into the dragon. He would be so powerful, these attackers would never stand a chance. But then, he felt the warmth of the hand in his own. Victoire’s love seemed to be channeling through their connection. He took a deep breath, and then he changed.

Victoire felt her arm drop as Teddy made his change. She felt a momentary pang of fear; hoping that he was not opting for a change that would take him away from her forever. Instead, when she turned, she saw his choice, he was a werewolf. Teddy was standing on all fours, his head turned towards her. She nodded and leapt on his back, with a grace born of a dancer and clung tight to the purplish hair on the nape of his neck. Then he was off and running, not in a straight line, but moving from side to side at random intervals in a desperate hope to evade the increasing number of curses and spells being directed at them. Victoire clung to Teddy’s back with one hand, returning curses with her wand over her shoulder, protecting Teddy as he protected them both. The assailants may have thought that she was defenseless, but she was her mother’s daughter, a powerful witch and vela. They were wrong, and she made them pay for their error. However, there were so many of them. Victoire held on for dear life, wishing the distance to close as Teddy’s frantic movements inched them ever so closer to the relative safety of the house. It would be a near run thing.

Harry struggled to his feet. The wall where the terrace had been was open to the sky and he could see the indistinct outlines of his attackers and there were so many of them. For a moment, he hesitated. He could swear he could hear the high pitched cackle of laughter, a sound he hadn’t heard in almost thirty years. The sound was chilling, bringing him to his senses. He turned and helped Ginny to her feet.

“Are you all right?” He looked her over briefly and felt a sigh of relief escape as she seemed none the worse for wear. Her wand was in her hand and she pointed up into the sky.

“Who are they? What do they want?” Ginny asked, even as she sent a responding curse into the sky.

“It’s a long story.” Harry responded as he glanced towards the door. Debris covered the opening. “We’ve got to get downstairs.” He reached his arm around Ginny and drew her close to his body. Even in the desperation of the moment, he couldn’t help but notice the warmth of her body next to his and the effervescent scent of lilacs in her hair. She punched him in chest.

“Later, you!” She scolded him without any real venom. He laughed and raised his wand up, pointing it towards an undamaged gable on the outside of the house.

“Textus Funis!” A thin yellow line of light leapt from the tip of his wand and attached itself to the gable. The light didn’t dissipate, remaining as a connection between his wand and the roof. Without hesitating, Harry jumped out of the broken opening of the wall and out into the open air.

“Cado!” As soon as they cleared the building, the light rope began to drop them down, in a rapid but controlled descent. In a matter of seconds, they were on the ground, just outside the front door. Harry flicked his wrist and the rope disappeared while the door opened and James leapt out, his wand flashing spells as he covered his parents who ran inside the house, then James followed and slammed the door behind him.

Inside, he saw the family clustered in the living room, while most of the adults had taken up positions near windows or holes in the wall and were returning fire. Harry turned to Arthur.

“We can’t stay here. There’s too many of them and the defensive charms are failing.” Ever since the time of the Dark Lord, the Burrow had been protected by a series of protective charms. Even after the apparent danger had passed, Arthur and Molly had been in the habit of erecting the spells, given how famous their family had become. But this assault had come when they were preoccupied with Christmas. Combined with the sheer ferocity and numbers of their attackers, the spells had already begun to deteriorate. Arthur nodded in agreement.

“I know just the place.” He shouted and moved to the family clock near the wall. He gave the clock a shove, sending it crashing over. Molly have a small whimper then took a deep breath and began collecting the smaller children to her. Arthur was already moving. Behind where the clock had been standing was a small alcove that had a hole in the ground. In the center of the hole was a shining brass pole. Arthur had been quite pleased with himself when he’d installed the escape tunnel. He’d pattered it after a pole he’d seen in a muggle fire house. Now, he’d get to use it.

“Harry!” Harry turned and saw Bill Weasley’s worried face. “Victoire and Teddy aren’t here. We can’t find them.”

Harry felt a sinking feeling in his chest, but he suppressed it. Instead, he started getting people ready. “We won’t leave them. They must have gone outside after the party broke up.” He glanced at Ron and James then turned to the others. “Lily, you, Hugo and Rose get the kids down the chute to the portkey. Arthur, you and Molly need to go with them.”

Molly began to protest, but Harry held up his hand. “Arthur needs to go and set up our escape and you need to cover him. We,” he pointed to James and Ron, “will get Teddy and Victoire. The rest of you need to get away.”

He strode to the door, followed closely by Ron and James. James grasped hold of the knob and looked up at his father, while Ron and Harry prepared themselves to out into the open.

“Wait!” Charlie’s voice was insistent. Harry turned just as a dark shadow crossed in front of the large window in the living room. The shadow grew bigger and bigger and suddenly, the window exploded inward as a large figure crashed through it. Harry tried to react but stood stunned. The large figure was that of a large wolf, which was absurd in and of itself, but sitting atop the wolf’s back was a beautiful golden haired woman, riding like the Valkyries of myth. Ron began to chuckle as Teddy landed in the center of the living room and waited for Victoire to dismount before he started his transformation.

“Show off.” James muttered, but his thoughts were interrupted by a panicked shout from Victoire.

“Teddy’s been hit. Someone help me!” Harry and James looked down and saw Teddy, now back in human form, laying on the ground, a long black burn mark running up his side and shoulders. Victoire kneeled over him, shouting his name. She looked up at her parents. “He wouldn’t put me down, even after they got him with the flame charm, he kept going, he wouldn’t put me down!”

Charlie was the first to reach him. He aimed his wand at the wound and began healing the damaged parts and then looked up at Harry. “We’ve got to get him out of here.”

Harry nodded. “We’ve all got to go.” Harry nodded to Ron and James, who took up position near the shattered window and began returning fire. Harry turned to Ginny. “Get them going, Gin. We’ll be along shortly. We’ll cover you.”

Ginny looked at her husband dubiously. “This isn’t the time or place Harry.” She shared a look with Hermione who crossed her arms.

“What do you think you’re doing, Harry Potter?” Her voice came out as a demand and even Ron shivered at the tone.

Harry sighed. “Look, I’m tired of being in the dark here. We need answers and I’m tired of the people I love getting hurt while we’re in the dark.” He spared a glance at Teddy as Bill and Charlie helped him to the escape tunnel. “I won’t take any chances and if we can’t get them, we’ll come back, I promise.”

Ginny saw the resolve in her husband’s face and then sighed. “You’d better be back, Mister.” She took a small hour glass from her pocket. “You have five minutes, then we all come back for you. Understood?” Harry nodded and then waved Ron and James over to him, while the rest of the family made their escape.

“You have a plan?” Ron asked.

“Don’t I always?” Harry half quipped, and Ron rolled his eyes.

“I don’t get it.” James looked at them both. Ron smiled, despite the circumstances.

“Your father is about to go into ‘make it up as I go’ mode.” Ron responded and this time James looked at his father with his jaw open.

“You keep telling me to follow the plan.” There was an accusing tone in James’ voice. Harry laughed.

“Of course, when there’s time.” This time Ron laughed out loud. Charlie was last to leave. He offered a casual salute, then tapped his watch on his wrist, then disappeared down the escape tunnel.

“So what’s the plan?” Ron asked. Harry pointed out through the broken window. Ron sighed, then nodded. The three Aurors held out their wands and then jumped through the opening out into the night.

Molinero stared at the scene, as the magic carpet hovered in place above the Burrow. The main house was burning even as more and more of the shock troops and Praetorians surround the structure, pouring spells into the conflagration. Beside him, Burwitz stood, her old hands curled around a gnarled wooden staff. It was taking too long and they were too visible. He hadn’t been optimistic of outcome in the first place. True, it made some sort of sense to attack while all of their targets were in one place, but time and again Potter and his family and proven quite formidable and even more so if they were concentrated. This sort of direct attack was ill advised, but he wasn’t one to question Burwitz, who still had some sort of hold on her father. In Himmler’s case, the wizard was determined to wipe out Potter and his allies, so Molinero kept his doubts to himself.

The return fire had all but dissipated. Perhaps they’d killed or wounded them all. He couldn’t believe it, at first, yet after the initial losses, there’d been no sign of resistance. Then his eyes widened as he saw three figures burst from a nearby shed, set apart from the main house. The figures were rising. They were on brooms! He laughed inwardly. They wouldn’t escape, if that was their plan. The figures kept approaching, drawing nearer at a frightening pace. Molinero had a thought cross his mind. What if their plan wasn’t to escape? He turned to the woman floating nearby.


“I hate your plans!” Ron shouted as he leaned over the shaft of his broom. Harry laughed and pressed forward, coaxing even more speed out of his broom. Ron and James were tucked into a triangular formation behind him. Ron continued.

“Grab a broom and attack the leaders? What a great plan! Wait, I know. I’ve got a better plan. Let’s go drive our heads into concrete walls while we’re at it.” Ron grumbled and couldn’t help but notice James’ look of amusement. “Oh great, laugh it up! Don’t you ever try this with me around, or you’ll never get out of your apprenticeship.”

“Yes, Uncle Ron.” James shouted.

“Look! There!” Harry pointed to two people standing on top of a floating carpet. “That’s got to be the leaders.” He waved his arm forward and the three Aurors pressed their attack.

Bellatrix Lestrange turned her head at Molinero’s warning. She followed his pointed arm and saw the new threat and smiled.

“Rudolphus and Macnair, with me!” The nearby Death Eaters drew up and joined Bellatrix.

“I killed Sirius Black!” She shouted at the approaching figures. “I’m going to kill you, Harry Potter.”

“Break!” Harry shouted. James and Ron peeled off in opposite directions while Harry kept boring in on the three figures shielding his prey. He heard Bellatrix’ taunts and laughed inwardly. Thirty years ago, it might have caused him to react emotionally, but now, he had more than enough time to settle the loss of his godfather with that of his parents. Harry felt a moment of pity for Bellatrix. She had no idea the changes that had occurred in him over the years, but that moment passed quickly. Alice and Frank Longbottom were still suffering and no matter what, Bellatrix Lestrange didn’t deserve an ounce of compassion.

“I killed Tom Riddle!” While Harry had his emotions under control, the newly “reborn” Bellatrix Lestrange still felt the rage and the unremitting anger of the original.

“How dare you use the Dark Lord’s name!” She sped forward to meet Harry. “You mudblood lover! You half breed!” Her voice was shrill, reaching heights of hysteria. She flashed curses towards Harry who made subtle adjustments to his course, evading the deadly streaks of light. “I’ll kill you!”

Bellatrix felt the heat of her rage channeling through her body. Her eyes focused on the figure coming towards her, her teeth gritted in determination. Her focus was complete. She would kill Harry Potter and avenge her master. Such focus came at a price. She never saw James approaching from directly below her. He stretched out his arm.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Her body froze in place. She had no control of her extremities and her magic. She was a dead weight, hanging in the air, then gravity took hold. She plummeted towards the earth below in silence.

Her consorts’ eyes moved from Harry to James, and they missed Ron’s approach from above.

“Glacies Pugnus!” Ron held his wand out and a giant fist made of ice shot from the tip and barreled through Macnair and Rodolphus Lestrange, knocking them senseless and they joined Bellatrix in her fall to earth. Harry kept his momentum up and then leapt from his broom into the air.

“Eximus Orbis!” Harry had gotten the idea for this spell from the tiny super balls that Dudley’s kids had played with. He found himself encased in a perfect sphere of energy and light. The arc of his ballistic approach brought him down right in the middle of the magic carpet and then he bounced up in the air. The impact caused a ripple on the carpet, sending Burwitz careening uncontrollably over the edge while Molinero fell in the opposite direction, desperately grasping at the tassels on the edge of the carpet. He hung, suspended from the carpet. Harry broke the ball apart and stretched out his light rope to the shaft of his nearby broom. He held his free hand out and gave a quick spell and Molinero found himself encased in ropes and bindings. Harry drew himself up to his broom and lashed Molinero’s bindings to the broom and with Ron and James covering him, the Aurors flew off into the night, leaving the burning ruin of the Burrow behind.

The fireplace burst into a flash of green light, smoke and soot. Harry levitated his captive into the room and sighed, the familiar surroundings instantly relaxing his senses. He pushed his prisoner off to the side and saw a familiar face seated behind the large desk in the center of the room, yet his own face was drawn to the portrait behind Kingsley Shacklebolt, Headmaster of Hogwarts.

“Well done, Harry.” Albus Dumbledore’s face in the portrait beamed with paternal pride and Harry laughed, both with happiness and a trace of sorrow.

“Thanks, Professor.” Harry turned to Kingsley. “Is everyone safe?” Before Kingsley could answer, Harry was engulfed in a tight embrace of arms and red hair, he returned Ginny’s hug and then pulled her away long enough to kiss her lips. After a moment, the took a breath and Harry asked his question again.

Ginny smiled. “Yes. Teddy will be fine. Madame Pomfrey is going to keep him there overnight.” Then a shadow crossed her face.

“What is it?” Harry asked, but in the back of his mind, he suddenly knew what she was going to say.

Ginny gripped his arms. “Everyone here is fine, Harry, but what about Albus?” Harry didn’t have an answer for her as a dark, heavy weight pressed down on his chest.


Ten figures apparated onto the open field and looked around. At one end of the open space, a tall obelisk, its lights reaching out into the air held vigil while at the other end, a broad, round topped building dominated the space.
An ugly, narrow faced man turned to a similar looking woman draped in red robes.

“Well, sister, we always did say we wanted to visit the States.” The woman chortled with a spit filled cackle and pointed to the large building off to the side. Alecto and Amycus Carrow led their zombies directly towards the Museum of Natural History where their target, Albus Potter was last seen, and this time, there were no Aurors to stop them.

Alecto’s hideous laugh carried off into the cold winter night.

***A/N: Whew, that was fun. How will Albus get away? Will he get away? I mean, it's only him, a squib and Luna...the Death eaters don't have a chance.



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