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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

Dan and Gary - they sparkled with great fatherly/son chemistry and were totally believable

Mark Williams and Julie Walters - agree with Richard_Gambon here, they were a very believable parental unit

Julie Walters and anyone else, really - I thought Julie played well against the kids, being very motherly, as well as against the adults

Dan and Alan - Snape was a very under utilized character in the movies to me but there were some good moments between him and Dan.

Dan and Rupert - teetering on the edge of good and just okay. Sometimes they looked and felt like best friends, other times they looked like actors rehearsing their scenes.

Ralph Fiennes and Michael Gambon - they were awesome when they were up against each other, granted they were up against each other in a magical battle but they looked like believable opponents, they felt electric when they were against each other, they were great.

Dan and Ralph - pretty good.


The Trio - sorry, I didn't think they had great chemistry when all three of them were together. They always looked like they were acting to me rather than making me believe that they were really friends. A lot of moments felt really forced but some were kind of okay. The trio teeters on the line between horrible and marginally acceptable to me.

Dan and Bonnie - no explanation needed.

Rupert and Emma - they didn't have romantic chemistry to me at all. Rupert had way more chemistry with the girl who played Lavendar than with Emma.

Dan and Michael Gambon

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