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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman -- definitely one of the best in the movies. The fact that Daniel looks up to Gary anyway as an actor and mentor plays a big part in it too. Their scenes in OoTP were just beautiful.

Mark Williams and Julie Walters -- agree with this... the BTS of the wedding scene in Deathly Hallows Part 1 shows you exactly how well the two did well together. Definitely made their pairing believable.

Rupert and Emma -- I agree with the ones who say they worked well together. Because they did... they brought out Ron and Hermione's budding romance, from friendship to the sexual tension and obliviousness of the others' feelings for each other, all the way to them finally becoming a couple. Perfectly played out in all the movies.

Dan and Emma -- other than say... the dance (blah!), they did very well working together. That "Is this how you feel watching Ginny and Dean" scene in HBP cemented this... best reason for it. Also the whole last part of POA with them going back in time was also well played out.

As much as I love Harry/Ginny pairing -- Dan and Bonnie did not do it much justice at all. Though I will blame this a lot on the scripts too.

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