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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead
There must be a reason JKR chose theatre for the format of this story, and to me theatre is uniquely situated to present very internal problems and conflicts of personality and history.
Sadly, I think the reason she chose the theatre for this story, and the movies for Fantastic Beasts, is due to literary critics and HP fans. Think of her other book, Casual Vacancy. People flocked to it as if it was her next HP series, thus it was compared to the HP series. It didn't live up to the HP series, and both groups bashed her for it. Not saying that it was bad, but it was not as good as HP.

By choosing other media, she can tell the story, and blame any shortcomings on the new medium, or on the collaborators. Also, once the play and movies are out, she can later release proper writings of all of them, and fill in any gaps left out of either story. She is putting the books AFTER the movies and plays rather than before them. It reduces the numbers of nitpicking trolls... armed with toliet seat horcruxes.

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