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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

I really liked almost everything. There were a couple times in the beginning that I thought that Harry was harsher than he needed to be, even before the time switch. And not just the phrase he uses to Albus.

I didn't have too much trouble believing that Bellatrix at some point got Voldemort to get physical, as some sort of expression of her extreme devotion and loyalty.

And I would suspect that she'd have convinced him that any child of the two of them would be not a threat (nothing in the [original] prophecy about that, the threat was Harry--or Neville). I think she'd have convinced him that their offspring, raised in pureblood style, could be nothing but a supporter, with nothing but devotion to the cause, raised to help run the world for them.

Edit: She always did seem like she was looking for an even more extreme way to prove her loyalty. She did tell Narcissa that if she had sons, she'd be glad to give them in service to Voldemort, don't recall the exact phrasing.

I like the idea better that Delphi was born during HBP, which I've heard some express, but if it wasn't until later in DH, maybe saying that to Narcissa is when the idea to make a Voldy-child hit her..."If I had sons...Hey! Yeah! Great idea! That's an even greater way I can prove my super-extreme, better-than-anyone-else's loyalty to the Dark Lord! Have his kid and give him total control!"


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