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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

Originally Posted by ccollinsmith
The play is using a science fiction time paradox trope known as "The Grandfather Paradox." One of the standard conventions of this trope is that when the timeline alters due to time meddling, the characters who still exist alter as well.
My interpretation of this play was that it was a love letter to the fans where JKR makes amends for things she made happen in the books. That so many horrible things happened to Harry in the past, if there was a chance to go and make even one of them right again, it would be worth going back in time. As theater, the time travel was a good device for the rest of the plot.

The set up of why there was a time turner, who had it, how they found it and such was a little weak, but the time travel itself didn’t bother me. (I mean I'd love to know more about the Nott family - we know she knows all about their history!) I think we’ve all wondered what would have happened if one of the things in the HP timeline was different. What if Cedric didn’t grab the trophy with Harry? How would that have effected events going forward? Wasn’t one of the things that motivated Harry to fight so hard was the senseless killing by Voldemort. Wasn’t that when we all saw for the first time how ruthless and evil LV was? How his servant Pettigrew was happy to assist with killing Harry even though he practically lived with him for the past 3 years? I think that moment in the graveyard was pivotal to Harry’s whole story, and without Cedric presence how would things have changed?

And then the time travel showed things that were amazing. Grown Harry was able to see how Hagrid took him from the ruins in the most loving and tender way. That there were people watching over Harry at the moment he died. I was in tears during this part of the story.

As others have said, angry Harry was a bit much. I haven’t read the script yet (my local bookstore was sold out!) so I don’t know how it comes off in writing, but in the play it’s over done. I understand his angst about the well being of the child who is most like him growing as the nightmares continued and the scar began to hurt again. As a parent you would never want your child to experience all of what Harry went through. However, Harry was a bit manic to the point of painful to watch. I guess it’s a plot device that Harry’s vision was so clouded with worry and the lack of ability to connect with his son, that he pushes his child away which causes the wacky adventures to ensue.

The aspect of time travel that really worked for me was after they tried to humiliate Cedric in the second task, Scorpio comes out of the water and Albus isn’t there. The actor who played Scorpio had me in tears. It was amazing to see the love of his friendship in that moment. I was really rooting for everything to come back together just so they could be friends again.

Delphie… She was suspect from the beginning. It bothered me that Hermione wouldn’t recognize the ingredients in Polyjuice potion. Seriously. Even my 11 year old was annoyed by this. I’d like to know how Delphie knew of this prophecy. Who made it? Who was it made to? I’d like to know more about how she was raised, and how she learned such magic - like flying (which is learned, not hereditary) - if she was pretty much hidden away. I feel like this could be a parallel to Ariana or even Harry, but there wasn’t time/space in the play for this to be explored. I still don’t buy that Voldemort would have given into carnal needs with Bellatrix. We know she desired him, but was it mutual? I just don’t see Voldemort connecting to another human in that way. But whatever, I could get over it if we had more of Delphie’s back story.

Coming back from part 1 and entering for part 2 was a great in-person experience. Especially after that cliff hanger of a sobbing wet Scorpius without Albus. I wonder if they’ll explain all of this in the final script book.
Spoiler: show
They turned over the gift shop will all new merchandise. I took a picture, which maybe I’ll post later. The ticket takers greeted everyone with a “Happy Voldemort Day” and they no longer wore Gryffindor wear, they were all in black. The stage set had the Voldemort logo hanging so you felt the darkness before part 2 started.

I hope the play opens on Broadway in NY and I hope it travels, so more people can experience it in person.

is totally awesome!
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