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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

I had said I would not post anything here, couldnt help myself.Had to, in the name of tradition,have my say . I did not hate it...thought I would , but did not.There is a part I cannot , cannot agree with,it is is simply impossible, out of character, if the character is what I learned of him during so many years. But character development, except for the big one, I liked,it felt right in so many ways, I could connect with the characters once more.The sorting made so much sense feelings being what they were, and the plot, could have been so much more.But being the mess it is, I did not find it as despicable as I thought I would.When I spoiled myself I thought I could vomit.But things being what they are, I found myself enjoying it plenty.Will I consider it canon ? Most parts I will be able to , just some details, I cannot.Ever. OWLS standard, Acceptable, except for that part, which is absurd.


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