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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

The reviews are in - it was exceptional. And the most important question; would I go see it again? Yes in a heart beat. Except in bigger seats and maybe not the two halves in one day as its very intense, in hindsight I think spreading it out over two days would be a better option but I'm not complaining

As others have said, the story works very very well on the stage, its done beautifully. The stage direction itself is mind boggling and more than once I did find myself wondering if someone had their own wand for the effects. They were just glorious.

I loved Scorpius, he 100% stole the show for me. You know when you just have those utterly klutzy angsty days? He is just brilliant. Albus is a little too tortured soul and the only negative thing i could say about the entire production is I'm not really liking what they downplay Ron and his character and achievements.

Hermione is also brilliant, as is Ginny.

Even thinking about the play nearly a week on is making me smile, it really was worth the wait to see it. I just can't ever see it translating to a movie as well (which is completely fine by the way!)

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