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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

1. I see 3 "Dumbledores": first the one in first three books; the all-knowing, benevolent father figure. Then the planner in books 4 and 5 who is sharing things on a need-to-know basis. Lastly there's the last two books where DD stops treating Harry like a pupil but more like his equal, a young wizard.

2. Well, first and foremost he has to prepare Harry to face LV one day, most of what he does is aimed at that, secondly he is teaching him to be a man/adult. I wish he'd tell him more about Horcruxes and Hallows before book 7.

3. Somewhat interesting, but I don't think the book would have lost much without them. Obviously he rejects power and authority, and is very kind to Muggles and accepting someone like Snape as a result.

4. I guess both were talented wizards, with similar ideas on Muggles. I guess his homosexuality may have helped him listen to his ideas more.

5. I understand why (his sister), but I think he overdid it with the secrets. He could have confided with Harry, or at least McGonagall.

6. It just emphasizes his wisdom.

7. Harry was the chosen one, so I'd say expectations were high anyway. DD did the right thing by training and preparing Harry. In the end it was fair that Harry had to sacrifice himself.

8. No, I just don't care much for wizard sexuality one way or the other. I think this will sadly allow for more anti-HP feelings, fandom or otherwise.

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