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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

1. What are your general thoughts on Dumbledore as a character through books 1-7? Do you see a difference in his behavior and/or actions between the books?
Well . . . no, not really. We only got to know him well during HBP and DH, so I can't see much difference before that. He just seems less mysterious than he did then, I suppose.

2. Throughout the books, Dumbledore seems to always be teaching Harry something, but his lessons are sometimes hidden and subtle. What do you believe are the most important lessons Dumbledore taught Harry? Did Dumbledore adequately prepare Harry for the trials that lie ahead in book 7? Is there anything you think Dumbledore should have told Harry before he died?
The biggest lesson Dumbledore taught Harry is the importance of choice. He taught Harry the true significance of the prophecy because of this and he also made Harry realize that he wants to kill LV himself. He also teaches Harry the importance of love. Love itself isn't something a spell can make, but it's a force that makes people do amazing things. Lily's love for Harry is a great example of this. In HBP, he taught Harry that love is the main reason Harry wants to kill LV, and it opened Harry's eyes.
I wish Dumbledore taught Harry a bit about power and what it does to people. It would have made a difference in DH if Harry knew something about how alluring power may be.

3. What did you think of the revelations of DH regarding Dumbledore's family? How did these tragedies effect the person he is now?
I found the background story of his life to be tragic. He made mistakes in his youth, and it resulted in the loss of his younger sister. As Harry said, Dumbledore was never free. Dumbleore carried the blame for his sister's death, and that's tragic to me.

4. Why do you think Dumbledore and Grindelwald were friends? How did Dumbledore's homosexuality affect his susceptibility to Grindelwald's ideas?
I think Dumbledore was friends with Grindelwald because, for the first time in Dumbledore's life, he found an equal. He found someone his age that had power and intellect almost as great as his. I think Dumbledore felt isolated and frustrated that he couldn't find anyone he could express his ideas to, and when Grindelwald came around, he immediately became attracted. Dumbledore's homosexuality prevented Dumbledore for fully acknowledging the truth of Grindelwald's behavior. He said in King's Cross that deep inside he knew there was somethingw rong with Grindelwald, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it.

5. Was Dumbledore right to keep so many secrets from so many people? Was this secrecy because of his sister? Because of his own homosexuality?
I think Dumbledore had to. All his life, he was full of secrets. He couldn't reveal to others the truth about his sister or the reason why his father was arrested. He never told anyone about his friendship and love for Grindelwald. He never told anyone that he may have caused his sister to die. All his life, he had to deal with secrets and deception. I'm sure some wizards had homophobia, and this enforced Dumbledore's need to keep secrets. Sometimes Dumbledore should have told other people the truth, but it's understandable why he couldn't, IMO.

6. What do you think of Dumbledore's recognition of his own failings? His decision not to enter the Ministry?
It takes a lot of strength to admit flaws and resist temptations. I see Dumbledore as being even stronger than I thought he was before DH.

7. Do you think Dumbledore expected too much from Harry? Did he do the right thing? Was it fair to ask Harry to sacrifice himself?
I think Dumbledore only expected Harry to do what he knew Harry would do. Eventually Dumbledore grew to love Harry as a son and grew close to him. He realized the truth about Harry's character and expected Harry to do what Harry ended up doing. Dumbledore thought Harry was a better man than himself and expected greater things from Harry.

8. Does the revelation of his homosexuality ultimately affect his character? What actions, if any, do you see differently now?
Now that I'm aware of his homosexuality, it sheds light onto the relationship he had with Grindelwald. Some would wonder why a person like DD couldn't turn away from Grindelwald, but it makes sense to me now. It wasn't easy for Dumbledore to see the person he fell in love with turn his back on him.


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