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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
Though I would expect that Fred and George, surprisingly, took a bit more precaution - even if it was just inherent. The night they rescued Harry was cloudy (at least, that was used as a justification). And I imagine that other times they 'borrowed' the car would have been during the night when Molly was asleep (we don't know how often she actually left the Burrow), and that they would have been driving mostly through countryside and fairly low population density areas. In contrast, Ron and Harry flew the car on a sunny day, late-morning, and out of the largest metropolitan area in the UK! No wonder they were seen.
That was my impression as well. Flying the car at night or when it was cloudy would make it less likely for anyone to see the car - or recognize it as a car. Sightings like that at night would likely be reported as UFO sightings in tabloids and the Ministry would not be concerned about exposure with something like that.

Harry and Ron flew the car on a sunny day. They did stay above the cloud cover for the most part, but they had to dip down under the clouds from time to time to find the train and make sure they were headed in the right direction. That led to them being seen and, as I mentioned above, it would be more difficult for muggles to ignore it or convince themselves they were seeing a plane or something "normal" in those circumstances.

Originally Posted by sjcuk13 View Post
I have always found it a little odd that Harry can disappear for weeks at a time when he is locked in the cupboard under the stairs and not one of the neighbors raises the alarm (considering they are all nosing on each other). Why don't any of his primary school teachers raise the alarm with social services or just raise the alarm to see why he keeps disappearing for long periods at a time.
The Dursleys were more careful than that. They did let Harry out to attend school to avoid raising any suspicion. The one time Harry was locked up in the cupboard for weeks that was described on page occurred during the summer. Harry was let out just before it was time for school to start. During the school year, it is likely that he would have been let out to attend school and locked up while he was at home. The Dursleys were near obsessive in presenting a "normal" appearance to their neighbors so they wouldn't have risked anything that would be obvious or raise questions.

Another example would be the trip to the zoo. Uncle Vernon had no intention of buy Harry any kind of treat, but when they bought Dudley and his friend ice cream, the counter person made that assumption and asked Harry what he wanted so Vernon bought him a cheap lemon pop. That was all about maintaining the image of normality for them.


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