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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by meesha1971 View Post
The Dursleys were more careful than that. They did let Harry out to attend school to avoid raising any suspicion. The one time Harry was locked up in the cupboard for weeks that was described on page occurred during the summer. Harry was let out just before it was time for school to start. During the school year, it is likely that he would have been let out to attend school and locked up while he was at home. The Dursleys were near obsessive in presenting a "normal" appearance to their neighbors so they wouldn't have risked anything that would be obvious or raise questions.
I also had the impression they kept the whole cupboard thing a secret from everybody. When Harry's first Hogwarts letter is addressed "the cupboard under the stairs," Vernon wonders how they know (thinking they may have surveillance on the house) and immediately moves Harry to Dudley's second bedroom.

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