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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
Though I would expect that Fred and George, surprisingly, took a bit more precaution - even if it was just inherent. The night they rescued Harry was cloudy (at least, that was used as a justification). And I imagine that other times they 'borrowed' the car would have been during the night when Molly was asleep (we don't know how often she actually left the Burrow), and that they would have been driving mostly through countryside and fairly low population density areas. In contrast, Ron and Harry flew the car on a sunny day, late-morning, and out of the largest metropolitan area in the UK! No wonder they were seen.
Also, the invisibility booster failed during the trip, and Ron had to risk lowering under the cloud cover to make sure they were going in the same direction as the train:
Originally Posted by COS, chapter 5, pages 70-71 US edition

There was a popping noise and Ron, Harry and the car reappeared.

"Uh-oh," said Ron, jabbing at the Invisibility Booster. "It's faulty ---"

Both of them pummeled it. The car vanished. Then it flickered back again.

"Hold on!" Ron yelled as he slammed his foot on the accelerator; they shot straight into the woolly clouds and everything turned dull and foggy.

"Now what?" said Harry, blinking at the solid mass of cloud pressing in on them from all sides.

"We need to see the train to know what direction to go in," said Ron.

"Dip back down again -- quickly --"

They dropped back beneath the clouds and twisted in their seats, squinting at the ground.

"I can see it!" Harry yelled. "Right ahead -- there!"

The Hogwarts Express was streaking down below them like a scarlet snake.

"Due North," said Ron, checking the compass on the dashboard. "Okay, we'll just have to check on it every half hour or so -- hold on--"
So they were at a disadvantage because they couldn't stay cloaked, yet needed to check on their direction.

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