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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by cardinalguy View Post
I also had the impression they kept the whole cupboard thing a secret from everybody. When Harry's first Hogwarts letter is addressed "the cupboard under the stairs," Vernon wonders how they know (thinking they may have surveillance on the house) and immediately moves Harry to Dudley's second bedroom.
Good example. I should have included that one. The Dursleys were very image conscious so they were careful with how they behaved towards Harry in public and concocted stories for the neighbors that made them think Harry was unstable. Like many abused children, Harry never told anyone what they were doing to him. That changed when he went to Hogwarts - though even there, I don't think he actually told anyone the full extent of the abuse he suffered. Not in great detail anyway.

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
Also, the invisibility booster failed during the trip, and Ron had to risk lowering under the cloud cover to make sure they were going in the same direction as the train:

So they were at a disadvantage because they couldn't stay cloaked, yet needed to check on their direction.
That's true. But Fred and George didn't use the invisibility booster when they took the car to rescue Harry. It wasn't even mentioned at that point. It's not really clear in the books, but I've always wondered if Arthur installed the invisibility booster because of them taking the car to rescue Harry - the booster being faulty implied that it might have been recently installed and had not been tested yet. Or maybe he'd just never mentioned it before so the kids never knew about it. Either way, they didn't use it that night. Still, the booster was faulty so, even though Ron tried to use it, it didn't provide any benefit for him and Harry.


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