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r'nt huf supposed to be loyal? peter defitnetly ain't loyal & sirius doesn't seem too ambitious.the only ones i agree w/ r remus & james.
Pettigrew wasn't brave, smart, or ambitious - so that's why I put him in Hufflepuff. He is loyal - to V. Perhaps in hopes of gaining some superiority, something that always seemed to elude him.

Sirius is willing to do anything (in order to protect Harry) regardless of his consequences - that's why I put him in Slytherin. I believe Sirius to be extremely ambitious.

Heh. Sorry to say it, but the only one I agree with of that list is James. Professor Lupin was a smart guy. But did he seem to respect academic excellence over anything else? He admired Hermione's brain usage and that's all. He broke rules constantly in his schooldays to be with his friends. Hufflepuffs are the open, loyal ones but I'll bet my socks (though I'm wearing none) that it is 'the lions' who are the pack animals.
On the flip side of Lupin, Hermione does respect academic excellence, yet she was put in Gryffindor. All kids from all classes break the rules - Cedric did so during the Tri-wizard tournament to help Harry. Harry constantly breaks the rules. Malfoy breaks the rules as well. I don't know if we have a Ravenclaw yet who breaks that rules, but there will be.

I believe that each person has qualities of all houses, and it isn't always clear why a person was put into a particular house.

My opinion is based on the characteristics of each character as I read the books. If you prefer a different order, I'd love to hear it and why you chose that order.

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