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Originally posted by cbjedi
1. We know that James was in Gryffindor, if you need proof it's stated right here. Mugglenet compiled all of that from JKR's several webchats and interviews. We also know that Sirius and James were best friends at Hogwarts, as Madam Rosmeretta (sp?) said "Quite the double act that James Potter and Sirius Black." It would have been difficult, if not impossible for them to be such a 'double act' had they been in separate houses. Especially if they were in Gryffindor and Slytherin, two house that couldn't have more animosity between them.
I have no doubt about James being in Gryffindor. That is cofirmed, as you said. It's the other Marauders I'm not so sure about. Also, has there always been animosity between Gyffindor and Slytherin? Or is that something that just occassionally happens when some strong-willed students who don't like each other are put in opposite houses? I ask only because all the other houses seem to get along fine.

Also... would it be so hard for Sirius and James to goof off together if they were in different houses? Not necessarily. They do have some free time, and more importantly... Gryffindor and Slytherin (at least in Harry's day) seem to have a LOT of classes together.

Originally posted by cbjedi
2. I don't put a whole lot of stock into what Hagrid says. He seems to me the kind of fellow who sometimes speaks without thinking.
I do agree there. Hagrid is a great guy, but pretty impassioned on what he feels. However... we haven't had the Slytherin being evil bit from just Hagrid. Harry believes it, but more importantly, knows it to NOT be true after POA. During the Sorting Ceremony in GOF, he thinks about Slytherin turning out more Dark Wizards than any other house... suddenly not all evil wizards who went to Hogwarts came from that house.

Furthermore, when I think of Sirius, while I can agree Gryffindor would fit him, I think the same of Slytherin. He does posses qualities that Salazar prized. Resourcefulness, determination, disregard for rules, etc. Those do fit Sirius, becoming anamagi and sneaking off to the Shrieking Shack every month.

Frankly, what I think JRK is doing is showing that it's a person's choices that determine who they are. I think that through Sirius (and perhaps another current student...) she will show that good has come out of Slytherin, just as evil came out of a non-Slytherin house.

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