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Re: Anime Recommendations

Mmm, let's see...

Noir (26 episodes on 7 volumes) - About two supremely skilled female assassins, one with amnesia, the other with haunting images from her bast, and their journey to unravel their past and present. Very good anime with an almost art-cinema type feel to it.

Gunslinger Girl (14 episodes on 3 volumes) - Another art-cinema type anime. Little girls turned into cyborgs and used as assassins by the government. Excellent storyline and engaging characters. My only gripe is it's too short (13 episodes).

Rahxephon (26 episodes on 7 volumes) - For me, what Eva should have been. The story is excellent and deep enough to keep a viewer thinking years afterwards. It's difficult to actually give a synopsis, as the story is so deep, but it's about a teenage boy who is humanity's only hope but doesn't really know who he is, or why he's fighting or even whose side he's on.

Ergo Proxy (23? episodes on 6 volumes) - Again, difficult to give a summary without giving anything away. It's very psychological, more so even than Rahxephon, and needs an open mind, but it's an original story and has one of the best lead characters of any story I've read or seen (incredibly powerful character, but the greatest dunce you've ever seen).

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