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Things that bothered you about the final film

Part 2 may have been the best Potter movie yet, but there were still a couple things the movie did differently that could've been better.

For instance, not explaining Aberforth's back story or the shard. It almost just seemed like a waste even including him if he was just used for the trio to find Neville and get into Hogwarts.

Not mentioning Tonks was pregnant: what was the point of Moody interrupting her in the first movie? How did Harry even know they had a baby? Did the baby even need to be mentioned?

Hermione and Ron trying to kill Nagini just seemed like a waste of time to me. It didn't really seem all that intense or entertaining (especially compared to the scene in Godric's Hollow), and Neville just simply killed the snake from behind.

Lastly, Voldemort's death. How he died in the film just didn't seem clear to me, I didn't even notice he was hit until after he turned into flakes (maybe I'll have to watch it again). I didn't mind the way Voldemort turned into a million pieces, but it seemed kinda unoriginal considering Bellatrix just did the same a minute or two ago by Molly.

Any others?

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