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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

I prefer Part 2 over the 1st one to be honest, even though there are several things that bothered me much. I liked the battle between Harry and Voldemort, I found it more satisfying than the book where the two of them run in circle and talk...So i think the scene in this movie is way more plausible. I didn't like at all the fact nobody cheers Harry after he gets back to the castle. He walks through the crowd and no one pays attention to him like nothing had happened. That bugged me A LOT, it didn't make any sense to me and I don't understand why they made such a decision...I feel they kind of messed up the ending, don't they? What about Ron standing back after Harry told them he was going to the forest? :S like he didn't care a damn!

I also didn't like the poor attention to Lily's eyes for example. All characters in the books didn't do anything but repeat Harry's got his mother's green eyes, so why on earth do you choose a black-eyed actor to play little Lily? Is it so hard to let her use coloured contact lenses? Not to mention James' blonde hair. It was simply awkward. Details like these are important and I don't see why they don't have to be respected.

Apart from that, I generally appreciated the whole movie, it was engrossing and everybody made a good job.

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