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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Originally Posted by Wimsey View Post
But then it wouldn't have been like the book: we never would have gotten the all-important lines about Harry feeling like he'd always known that he was a Horcrux and that it was going to have to end like that. Well, not unless they'd done the dreaded voice-over narration or had Harry go Shakespeare on us and give us a soliloquy! Really, Ron & Hermione are the only people to whom Harry could deliver those lines.
Brilliant point. I hadn't thought of this. You're right. There would have been no other way to really drive home the point unless Harry started talking to himself, lol.

Unless...maybe Neville could have been a candidate. They could have included Harry telling Neville to kill the snake, and Neville could have asked Harry where he was going, and Harry could have said, "To the forrest."
I think Neville could have been accepting of it, without trying to stop Harry, especially considering the speech Neville later gives.

Just trying to think of another possibility, lol.

About Neville/Luna...
Geez, I hadn't even caught that. I do need to see it again, lol. I also didn't hear what Neville said to Harry about finding Luna. If anything, I thought they had just bonded as friends, being two of the main ones that kept the DA going...(was there any mentioning of the DA in the movie, though?). Hmm.

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