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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by adrianavery View Post
For me, Emma is clearly the best actor of the trio. She can banter with the boys in one scene then turn around and kill you with emotion in the next. Not a big fan of Dan or Rupert for different reasons and would have probably cast others with hindsight. I just don't think Dan is convincing with his more dramatic scenes and struggles mightily in them. Rupert is a better actor, but he's just a real mismatch for Emma - just not photogenic enough, and i could not suspend enough to disbelief to accept that she (or Hermione) would fall for him (or Ron).
Based on your posts I've read, I think you have a pretty strong bias that has little to do with Rupert's actual ability.

I guess we're drifting off topic, but I thought all three of them took a step back in DH. But that's probably a result of it being much heavier on the action along with all the overdone angst-ing during the Horcrux Hunt in part one, so I don't know if I can blame them for it.

To get BACK on topic, I'd fix Ron's character if I had to pick one thing to change. I understand that book!Ron's role and value makes for somewhat less exciting visuals and why they type-casted him as comic relief essentially. But it isn't hard to make him the comedic character without actually making him comical. And there was certainly no need to give his lines and deeds to Hermione verbatim or to have him say the exact opposite of what's in the book (as they do in POA when Snape teaches DADA).

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