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Re: What would you change about the films?

I like Ron the best as well. He was the most consistent and had imo the most potential. He also played very naturally, I really saw Ron, and not some guy 'playing him'. This cannot be said of Dan. I always see Dan playing this character and not Harry. Rupert seems far more comfortable. Unfortunately, Rupert was used mostly for comical relief wthing the Trio.
And Emma, I don't know. There are moments I absolutely love her (f.e. in PS, COS, HBP and DH1) and there are moments I just can't stand her and I'm cursing poor Emma for ruining Hermione's character. (The overacting and eyebrows in GOF and OotP) But my disappointment melted away when I saw her crying over Ron in HBP and her famous 'Obliviate scene'.

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