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Re: Batman 2: The Dark Knight

Originally Posted by crookshanks1177 View Post
Oh the preview looks great. I saw the trailer when I went to watch Iron Man. I think Heath Ledger will do great. I will always love Jack Nicholson's portrayal, but I think Heath Ledger will be able to show us other sides of this charecter. I'm kind of sad that this is the last we will see of Heath Ledger, I've followed his career so-to-speak, and I've always enjoyed his movies, I think there would have been a lot more to see from him.

Also, I have a question, is Maggie Gygenhaal (sp?) picking up Katie Holme's charecter, or is she going to play another charecter all together? I was excited to see that Maggie was in this movie!
Yes Maggie Gygenhaal is taking over Katie Holme's part as Rachel.

Edit: I read somewhere yesterday that Christian Bale will not do another Batman Begins movie if Christopher Nolan does not direct it. So hopefully Nolan does direct it if there's going to be a third one because these movies are just the kind of movies that I can't get enough of.

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