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Re: Music Videos

I am very sensitive to music, all my life I have been addicted to music videos.
I think itīs a matter of feeling. I know people who says music videos are stupid I think they are just not sensitive or maybe they donņt understand what the music makes feel?

But yes, LOL, some of them are really pointless and stupid, but it all depends on you, those music videos are the vision of the artist, and so, many of us might not understand, might not get into the idea or the feeling.
There are many kind of videos.

But well, itīs great.
Then it came internet, then it came the amazing, I mean amazing. You Tube and my life changed, not only becoz I can see music video I never saw before (All that 80s incredible music videos, I know, many are stupid LOL, yes, but you have fun) and live concert, TV shows...

Now I can see fan-made music videos using movies and thatīs a new amazing experience. They are fantastic!

I am now addicted to music videos of movies and I am myself addicted in doing music video of my favorite movies
So internet changed a bit music videos cuz we have now our own vision, or other peopleīs visions, not only the artistīs vision.

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