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Re: Music Videos

Popular videos are mostly made to gain money, they basically use hot people, yep, hot women (sex sells what can we do) and that just to sell.
Many video clips are just... sex righ.
Thats for gaining money, to sell an image. Not a good image, indeed...

I am not a fan of popular music, popular artists, mostly for that reason, I don not stand Rap videos or music, though I do like them from time to time.
If I like the song, I can stand the video clip ... well.

(What about that video clip of Robbie Williams? That "Rock DJ" My Gosh! I can´t watch it really LOL)

I am not a fan of hispanic music, but I like Shakira, and "La Tortura" for example but that´s mostly cuz I love the song.
When Shakira did the cross over to english market, she just became like the rest of hispanic artis: singing the cliché hispanic music .

Well, basically Colombian Shakira (before the cross over) was quuuiiite different fomr that.

And Alejandro Sanz is a very clear example of what "Americanización" do with hispanis artist
Knewing Alejandro Sanz very well, you may be surprised to see him singing "La Tortura" with Shakira XD.

But in general, I still enjoy a lot music videos clips. I am a very huge fan but I hate many videos too.

PS: Remember moderators to let me know if anything is not allowed here before a serious warn!!

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