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Re: Questions about the Harry Potter Movies v.2

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
By it I meant Sev calling Lily a mudblood, not the pensieve scene. It's too bad Yate's made that change; that's when the movies started going downhill for me....

Is there any need to whitewash Sev's relationship with Lily in the movies? Without any re-watching of TPT, as I recall they're friends as little kids, separated at Hogwarts by house affiliation, Sev's bullied by two unidentified kids (JP & SB), and when they grow up she's married to James and he's a DE. In fact, it's kind of hard to understand why it's still 'Always' for Snape . . .
I actually still quite like the change of having Harry Legimens Snape, but I can see where you are coming from.

I disagree that this is where the movies started going downhill. I really like the way Yates bought home the series. I know OOtP is the only movie that wasn't adapted by Kloves, and I thought it did a pretty decent job of streamlining the OOtP book into a tense and exciting movie, making lots of cuts but still managing to touch upon all the themes examined in the books. And then I thought Kloves really upped his game with the next movie (HBP) after the clunkyness of GoF.

From my experience, the two kids bullying Snape in the SWM scene were not unidentified. My wife, who is only now reading the books, picked up the fact that they were James and Sirius straight away, and picked up on the consequences of that for TPT when we were discussing it after having seen DHp2. But, yeah, removing the 'Mudblood' element is a fail

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