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Re: Noticing HP Actors in Other Movies

The other year, I went to see Wonder Woman with a friend of mine, and I had no idea David Thewlis was going to be the main villain (Ares, if I recall correctly), and the last time I'd seen him was in the Harry Potter franchise. Needless to say, when I saw him (maustache and all ) unexpectedly, my first thought was "Omg it's David Thewlis", colliding immediately into a second thought "Omg, it's Lupin!"

Thewlis is certainly a talented actor, I must say, being able to play a whole range of characters from the lovable (like Lupin) to the unlovable (like Ares). Ditto for Gary Oldman--loved how he was able to make Sirius appear like a terrifying madman and then later as a loving godfather once Pettigrew's betrayal was exposed and Harry was convinced he was innocent. Doesn't hurt that Oldman is easy on the eyes

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