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Re: Fruits Basket

Originally Posted by TENSHI
How many mangas are published at the moment? I thougt about to get them.
Well over here there's 13, but Inkwolf said there are 11 out in the States at the moment, so it appears that some places have more than others.

One of my favourite parts from the manga is when Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, Haru and Momiji go into a haunted house and Tohru gets so scared that she decides to close her eyes, but keeps bumping into things. Yuki and Kyo both offer their hand at the same time, which, naturally, triggers an argument between them. Then, while they're arguing, Momiji takes Tohru's hand and leads her through the house .

I basically love all the arguments between Kyo and Yuki where they argue over Tohru, it's so cute!

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