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Re: Fruits Basket

Originally Posted by darling_azn
Hey Amelia! Werent you in the Otaku thread? Heh.

Okay. I've only seen the anime so i'm not much help with the manga questions. I just wanna say that Yuki and Hatori are hott... LOL! Heh. I mean cuuute! And Shigure is hilarious!!!
Oh! Another thing I was wondering, did anyone get the weird innuendos between Ayame and Shigure, and once between Shigure and Hatori? Was I the only one to notice this? It made me wonder whether Shigure was just kidding around or not...

Originally Posted by AmeliaPotter
Yeah, I'd love to see her with Kyo more than anyone, but Yuki's fine with me. I love them both
Go Kyo go!


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