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Re: Could Trevor be a Death Eater?

Has Trevor actually been mentioned much in the later books? Anyone have quotes?
Sorry, these probably aren't all mentions of him, but I have a few...

"Luna Lovegood"; OotPIn the very last carriage they met Neville Longbottom, Harry's fellow fifth-year Gryffindor, his round face shining with the effort of pulling his trunk along and maintaining a one-handed grip on his struggling toad, Trevor.

"Luna Lovegood"; OotP"Guess what I got for my birthday?" said Neville.

"Another Remembrall?" said Harry, remembering the marble-like device Neville's grandmother had sent him in an effort to improve his abysmal memory.

"No," said Neville. "I could do with one, though, I lost the old one ages ago... no, look at this..."

He dug the hand that was not keeping a firm grip on Trevor into his schoolbag and after a little rummaging pulled out what appeared to be a small grey cactus in a pot, except it was covered with what looked like boils rather than spines.

"Mimbulus Mimbletonia," he said proudly.

Harry stared at the thing. It was pulsating slightly, giving it the rather sinister look of some diseased internal organ.

"It's really, really rare," said Neville, beaming. "I don't know if there's one in the Greenhouse at Hogwarts, even. I can't wait to show it to Professor Sprout. My Great Uncle Algie got it for me in Assyria. I'm going to see if I can breed from it."

Harry knew that Neville's favourite subject was Herbology but for the life of him he could not see what he would want with this stunted little plant.

"Does it - er - do anything?" he asked.

"Loads of stuff!" said Neville proudly. "It's got an amazing defensive mechanism. Here, hold Trevor for me..."

He dumped the toad into Harry's lap and took a quill from his schoolbag.

Page 177; "Luna Lovegood"; OotP"I'll carry that owl if you like," said Luna to Harry, reaching out for Pigwidgeon as Neville stowed Trevor carefully in an inside pocket.

Page 133; "The Slug Club"; HBP "We didn't face him, though," said Neville, emerging from under the seat with fluff and dust in his hair and a resigned-looking Trevor in his hand. "You did. You should hear my gran talk about you. "That Harry Potter's got more backbone than the entire Ministry of Magic put together!" She'd give anything to have you as a grandson..."

Not enough to be notable, I don't think. Now if he'd been mentioned as being on the Astronomy Tower the night Dumbledore had died, I would've been a little suspicious...

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