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Re: Could Trevor be a Death Eater?

Originally Posted by Acorn7 View Post
My theory is that Trevor is R.A.B. ... Regulas Black. Regulas didn't die, he was cursed and something will happen in book 7 to reverse the curse. ...R.A.B. Regulas is latin for king. What better curse for a king than to be turned into a toad! Just needs a princess to kiss him...
Oh, it's even better, "regulus" actually is "little king," arguably "prince"

Reg·u·lus ... n. A bright double star in the constellation Leo.
[Latin rēgulus, diminutive of rēx, rēg-, king....]
That said, I'd need a little more evidence to persuade me believe this, especially since JKR reportedly has confirmed that Regulus is dead. Bad as being turned into a toad must be, I don't think it quite qualifies as "dead."

But perhaps it's remotely possible that Trevor is someone who was cursed. Perhaps an uncle whose Polyjuice Potion went terribly wrong.

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