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Re: Feminism in Deathly Hallows - or the lack thereof v.3

Originally Posted by StarryVeil View Post
1) The strong, rather unjust IMO, emphasis on motherhood (over fatherhood).
I think fatherhood plays a central role in the books as a matter of fact. It's present on all levels. Harry basically spends the 7 books thinking about what his father would do in his place and looking for a father substitute (Sirius - who tells him he's just like his father and ranks that as the best possible compliment - and then Dumbledore; and in a sense even Snape). Voldemort can be seen as a product of his relationship with his father to a large extent - he obviously blames him for his (witch) mother's demise and murders him to metaphorically cleanse himself from his Muggle roots. There are some very strong indications that what initially turned Snape off from Muggles and predisposed him to prioritise his pureblooded side was his abusive Muggle father. Dumbledore's father also shapes his future life when he kills the Muggle boys, ending up in Azkaban and leaving his family with a lifelong stigma that Dumbledore had to struggle against. The world of Harry Potter is full of absent fathers and I think they are what sets the tone of the main character's lives and story arcs.

In addition to this, on the secondary character levels, we have Luna's single father who's put into an impossible situation using his love for his daughter; Hagrid's fond memories of his father who brought him up and had a huge influence on who Hagrid became; Remus, who would have been one of those missing fathers if it wasn't for Harry who realises that fatherhood and family are more important for a man than more traditionally masculine ideals such as valour and fighting; and Barty Crouch Jr. whose whole persona is a result of an absent (physically and emotionally) father. Even Lucius is given scenes that focus specifically on his being a father.

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